Thursday group/Csütörtöki csoport

Hunique Dance táncpróbán csoportkép

DETAILS of the Dance Rehearsal

Dance rehearsal for all level dancers! Dance teachers: Anita Dudás, Szabolcs Tolnai

Dance class fee

Please ask on the dance class you send us an email.

Dance teachers on Thursday class

Venue of dance class
 The Catholic Centre upstairs room.
2 Dukes Avenue W4 2AE Chiswick, London


Arriving: 19:15-19:30
Lesson starts: 19:30
Finishes: 21:30

Dress to wear on the rehearsal:
woman: knee-length loose skirt character shoes dress top
man: t-shirt long throusers character shoes

Please make sure you bring an extra top to the rehearsal to change it when it’s necessary.