szatmar dance workshop


The Workshop

From Szatmár region, folk dances of Nagyecsed and Tyukod villages.

Address and Venue: Chiswick Town Hall, Hogarth Hall,
Heathfield Terrace, Turnham Green,
Chiswick, London W4 4JN

Date: 29 Feb 2020.

Time: 9:00-17:00

Lunch break: 1 hour

Cost: £15

Info and registering via email:

Szatmár – Hungary
Contrary to the Western-Hungarian dialect, the set of slow and fast motifs are inseparable, using essentially the same figures in both parts. The fresh innkeeper usually starts with a jumping figure, followed by twisted pair rotation.

The pace of both the slow and fresh movements of the dance is more moderate.
it is halfway between the old slower Transylvanian and the newer Transdanubian dance.

szatmári tánckurzus